Expat Service


We offer a range of comprehensive services related to:

* legalising work in Poland

- obtaining a work permit promise for a foreigner in Poland
- obtaining a work permit for a foreigner in Poland (which is obligatory for all foreigners who want to legally work and live in Poland)

* legalising stay in Poland

- visas
+ assistance in obtaining a Polish visa overseas, in a Polish consulate
+ prolonging any type of visa in Poland
+ assistance in obtaining a visa for a foreigner staying in Poland illegally
- residence permit
- assistance in obtaining a stay permit
+ based on marriage,
+ based on work permit,
+ based on education,
+ based on other premises;
- settlement permit
- appeals and complaints to the NSA (the Supreme Administrative Court of Poland);

* assistance in adapting to a new place of residence

* courses in Polish as a foreign language

* assistance in searching for apartments, houses and schools

* specialised translation services (business, legal, academic and many other types of translation)

* certified translation in many languages

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Tel: +48 605 660 992
e-mail: biuro@pol-in.pl